It’s no mistake you have reached one of most renowned restoration companies in the greater Chicago area. We have been working in the window restoration business since 1994, and established ourselves as our own company in 1998.

We began our business with the goal of becoming more efficient than most, with the final goal of saving our company money on every job and passing that savings on to you, the consumer.

Our company knows that you will save money by choosing restoration over replacement. It will cost you about one-third (35%) less to have us restore your windows than it would to replace them with some brand name windows. And to top it off our restored windows look and work like new while retaining their old style character and saving you money.

If you are worried about functionality, we take care of that too; we make sure that the windows we restore are fully functional.

We can do whatever you want: remove glass, put new glass in, replace clear glass with stained, replace old glass with thicker, frosted, or hammered glass. It’s all up to you!

We sell interior storm windows. We can get new hardware if needed, we paint with historical colors, we also re-furbish wood windows.

Our company has done many jobs in the north shore of Chicago. We’ve done schools, churches, and residential work.

We hope this will answer some of the questions you might have. If you would like to know more, please give us a call or email us.

Machined Parts

We have refurbished windows in stock and can install them for you.  We can order storm windows for your home as well.

Steel Casement Repair

This is a window that has been pulled out and repaired, we will install it as well.  Call us for all your window needs, we do it all!

Interior & Exterior

We paint all different kinds of windows, indoor and outdoor. Contact us for a quote today!